Picture Day Tips

  • Wear solid colors, preferable in more subdued hues, they enhance facial tones and do not detract from expression. Very bright colors really stand out and can lighten or darken flesh tones. Wear long or short sleeved tops, avoid sleeveless.
  • The best choice of clothes is the simplest -- dress them in collared shirts that fit,and complement their eyes and hair. A sweater, a dress, a neat t-shirt, or a clean soft polar fleece works.
  • Look for a top that complements your child's face, not one that distracts from it. Superman, Spiderman, Giants, 49'ers, Cinderella, Dora the Explorer, or Hanna Montana will immortalize childhood passions, but that should be your intention -- not an accident -- on picture day.
  • Clothes that are clean and stain free will save retouch costs. You might even send a second shirt in case of snack accidents. (Remind them to tell the teacher they brought one.) Iron those collars!


  • Schedule a hair cut at least 10 days ahead of photo day. The front of hair your child’s hair should not be "eyelash-brushing long." Bang cuts should be at least a week old.
  • Neat, shiny hair always looks best.
  • Keep in mind that complicated hair styles do not withstand recess, and school schedules do not allow much time for hairstyling. And no “bed head.” We love our little boys, but they can develop some pretty gnarly snarls. Promise them a treat if they let you wet and comb their hair on photo day.


  • Do not coach your children about specific poses. Let the photographer position them for the best image.
  • Reinforce a positive attitude by sharing with your children how wonderful they are and how much you’re looking forward to seeing their portraits. Let them know you trust them to work politely with the photographer to create a portrait they’ll be proud to share.
  • Let braces shine! A mouth of metal is a limited addition photo op. Lips can't usually hide them anyway, so kids might as well wear them proudly.
  • A gap-tooth smile is beautiful -- classic!
  • smiles


    If your child wears glasses that are light sensitive, he or she might need to remove them if photos are taken outdoors because they will read dark in the photo. If your child has a second pair of glasses that do not get dark, please send them to school on picture day. Non-reflective lenses are best -- no reflections of trees, cameras or playgrounds will show. We use a number of tricks to lessen glare, but sometimes it’s impossible. You might want to ask that your child be photographed both with and without glasses. Please let your child know it’s because we don't want glare to get in the way of their beautiful eyes.